Senior Phase
Garnock Academy

New Build

Senior Phase in S4,S5,& S6

Important Dates


Wed 31 Aug 6-8pm - Curricular Evening in Garnock Academy

An evening to find out about the learning experience of our S4-S6 pupils. All parents/carers are welcome.

The Senior Phase of young people’s education follows their broad general education, which takes them to

the end of S3 or equivalent. The Senior Phase can be characterised as that which takes place in the final

stages of compulsory education and beyond, normally around age 15 to 18. For many young people

school will continue to be the main deliverer of the Senior Phase.

Click here to see the Senior Phase CfE briefing created for parents and carers

At Garnock Academy, it is our aim to keep our parents informed of the progress in our senior phase. Please see below for any parent communication and planned Curricular evenings/events.

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Senior Phase Curriculum Evening 2016 Powerpoint