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Information for National 5 Folio Work

N5 - Tuesday 8th March

Higher - Wednesday 23rd March


 Important Update


This year the SQA has made submitting folio pieces on a template compulsory. Both folio pieces must be submitted in the same document  and printed off to be sent as a single paper copy to the SQA. This is done in the usual way- via your child's English teacher.


Files attached to this page will support the process. Further, the template itself, suitable for N5 and Higher, is also attached as 'Folio Template'. (Version 2 of the template should only be used if  adding footnotes to one/both of  the essays).

Deadlines for the folio must be met to ensure that your child is able to achieve an overall course award in English. Also, as ever, care must be taken at all stages of the process to avoid plagiarism and to record sources accessed during the writing process.

Word limits of 1000 (N5) and 1300 (Higher) must not be exceeded.


For further information please refer to the SQA website: or contact Mrs Gardner

Folio Template Exemplar Folio Completion Guidelines Folio Template V2