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Broad General Education (BGE) in S1,S2,& S3

Important Dates


Wed 14 Sept 6-8pm - in Garnock Academy

Evening to find out about the learning experience of our S1-S3 pupils.

**Also for S2 and S3 parents to discuss with staff the Options process and gain information on subject choices and curricular choices**

Please see the attached letter to state your attendance.

Broad general education is one of the key terms used in Curriculum for Excellence

(CfE). When CfE was debated and agreed by parents, teachers and others in 2002, there was agreement that education in Scotland had to change if it was to equip young people for the

challenges of the 21st century. It was widely agreed that education should be preparing

young people to become more adaptable learners and more prepared for a changing world. It was agreed it should also be raising standards of attainment and achievement for all young people.

Click here to see the BGE briefing created for parents and carers

At Garnock Academy, it is our aim to keep our parents informed of the progress in our BGE. Please see below for any parent communication and planned Curricular evenings/events.

Files / Letters


BGE Curriculum Evening 2016 Information Letter

S1 Newlsetter